Andrew Jondle Charged with Bludgeoning Parents to Death at Abundant Life Farm



UPDATE: Scott and Marilyn Jondle didn’t approve of their son Andrew’s relationship with Cindy Lou Beck, who was 26 years older than Andrew and had lost her kids to the state for mistreating them. So the couple refused to give their son $500 for rent, and that’s what led to their deaths. See update after the jump…

Scott and Marilyn Jondle with their son Andrew during better times

David Scott Jondle was a software engineer in Silicon Valley when he decided to give it all up for the farm life. So he moved with his wife, Marilyn Ruth Jondle, to Dallas, Oregon, where they launched Abundant Life Farm in 2000.
Theirs was a sustainable, old-fashioned place where they produced poultry, eggs, pork, beef and lamb without chemicals. And it all went swimmingly well for 10 years — see a TV show on their operation below — until their 20-year-old son Andrew put in end to it.

Andrew’s girlfriend Cindy Lou Beck has a history of fighting with neighbors. She’s charged with hindering police.

Yesterday morning, a man delivering water noticed something suspicious. He called police, who ended up discovering the couple’s bodies. Though police aren’t releasing specific details, it appears they’d been bludgeoned to death. It also appears that it took detectives little time to arrest that man who did it.
Andrew Jondle is already in jail, charged with aggravated murder. Police say he’s had previous domestic beefs with family members, but wouldn’t provide specifics.
Also charged with hindering prosecution is 46-year-old Cindy Lou Beck, Andrew’s girlfriend, who has previous convictions for theft and criminal mistreatment.
It doesn’t seem as if our pair of morons did much to hide their tracks. A neighbor said the couple showed up at his apartment at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning to bum cigarettes. He said Andrew was shaking uncontrollably. The Jondles are believed to have been killed sometime before midnight.
Andrew and Beck were also known for picking fights with neighbors in their Salem apartment complex and threatening kids. Police say they’ve received three or four calls concerning disturbances involving Beck over the past few months.

Scott and Marilyn Jondle were beaten and stabbed to death by their own son after refusing to loan him $500

UPDATE: The Jondles refused to give their son $500 for rent, leading to their deaths.
Andrew and Beck were apparently behind on the rent at their Salem apartment. They were also hoping to get Beck’s kids out of state custody after she lost them for mistreating them. So police believe they either intended to rob or murder to the elder Jondles to take their money.
Details emerging show it was likely one of the lowest rent murders in Oregon history. Andrew, apparently without a car, actually rode a scooter to his parents home, carrying a backpack full of gas for the return trip home.
His dad greeted him at the garage. But Andrew’s return salutation was to beat his father with a pipe before stabbing him to death with a hay sickle. When his mom came to see what was up, Andrew chased her into the house and beat her to death with the pipe.
He then swiped credit cards and jewelry. The attack is believed to have happened sometime between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. When he returned home, Beck helped him dispose of his bloody clothes.
Police say there was clear tension between the couple and Andrew over his relationship with Beck. They believe Beck may have pressured Andrew into harming his parents — or at least robbing them. But it’s still unclear whether Andrew rode to the house intent on murder, or merely went apeshit when he arrived.

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