David James, Air Force Veteran, Killed While Defending Kid Skateboarding on Basketball Court


David James, 41, was playing basketball with his daughter in Valrico, Florida. That’s when a 14-year-old boy asked him if it was okay if he skateboarded on the court while they played. David said yes. But that didn’t sit well with Trevor Dooley, who lives across the street…

It seems 69-year-old Trevor Dooley went absolutely sphincterific when kids would skateboard on the basketball court across from his home

The 69-year-old school bus driver apparently has a very tight sphincter when it comes to kids skateboarding. So Dooley stuck a gun in his pants and went out to confront the nefarious 14-year-old.

David defended the kid, seeing as how he wasn’t hurting anyone. Yet Dooley, surely bursting with sphincterism by this point, started arguing with David. When it finally ended, Dooley started to leave. But that’s when David noticed the gun sticking out of his waist.

David James was playing basketball with his 8-year-old daughter when he was murdered

David yelled after him about the gun. Dooley turned around and pulled it from his pants. Seeing that there was now a man with a gun and two kids close by, David lunged for the weapon. The two men struggled and fell to the ground. Dooley pulled the trigger, striking David in the chest and killing him.

The case would seem a clear-cut homicide. When a weird old man pulls a gun in a beef over skateboarding, there’s usually not much debate. Especially when the victim was only playing basketball with his little daughter.

But for reasons unknown, it would take police two days to arrest Dooley, and only after an outcry from residents. And when they finally did pinch him, they only charged him with manslaughter.

While a conviction still carries a 30-year sentence, it does seem a rather light hit for a nutbag who brings a gun to a skateboarding beef.

Dooley has since lawyered up and won’t talk about the incident. (Special thanks to readers Moe and Cara for the tip.)

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