George Pomfret & Brenda Prothero, Morons of the Day: Performed Live Sex Show Outside Store


George Pomfret Jr., 49, and Brenda Prothero,
48, are not known for their modesty and inhibition. They are, however, known for harboring the lust of 10,000 billy goats. And they apparently couldn’t wait to get home before plying the fruits of each other’s barenakedness…

They may be in their late 40s, but George Pomfret Jr. and Brenda Prothero still harbor enough lust to electrify Moscow for six weeks

So they decided to just get to it next to a convenience store in Fort Myers, Florida.

Ramona Donato, manager of the Good To Go, says her problems began Sunday when the loving pair decided to go raw carnal under a tree next to the store, in full view of her customers. Pomfret got fully naked. Prothero was stripped of everything but her T-shirt. They were pawing, moaning and grunted for all to see, offering sound instructional guidance to each other with directions like “don’t stop” and “right there.”

Donato tried to get the couple to take their act somewhere else, preferably somewhere not in the sightlines of little children. But our Lords of the Hose ignored her, continuing with their bonerocity for more than an hour.

Police finally showed up to stop to the performance. They were both charged with indecent exposure and being too old to get naked in public.

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