George Thomas Kidnapped & Raped Teens, Forced Them to Have Sex on Camera


The 16-year-old girl had run away from home. George Thomas came to her rescue. She was walking along a road in Temple Terrace, Florida when he offered her a ride. The girl told him she needed a place to stay. Thomas, 31, willingly offered up his home…

The girl accepted, which wasn’t a very good idea. After all, it’s never wise for young girls to embrace the hospitality of a complete stranger. And it’s all the worse when that stranger’s nickname around his neighborhood is “George the Perv.”

What the young lass didn’t know is that Thomas had 22 previous arrests, ranging from stalking to walking around with no clothes on. Neighbors say he’d often try to entice their children to his house to play. Can you say “huge friggin’ degenerate,” boys and girls?

When he got the runaway to his house, he forced her to have sex with him three times. Then he threatened to kill her if she left. And just to aid her compliance, he plied her with vodka and Oxycodone.

Two days later, while Thomas slept, she went on Facebook to contact a friend, asking him to come get her. She was too afraid to call 911, since he’d threatened to kill her if she did.

But when the 18-year-old kid arrived to her rescue, Thomas was waiting. He too was abducted at gunpoint. Then he forced the two of them to have sex while he filmed away on a cell phone and web cam.

He kept the two teens hostage for five days until he decided to move his victims to a new location. But a woman at the new spot apparently wasn’t hip landing her own charges for aiding and abetting. She called the cops.

Thomas is now charged with armed kidnapping, sexual battery, and promoting sexual performance by a child. And it looks like a judge has finally realized that he’s a serious public danger. Thomas is being held without bail. (Special thanks to reader Jude for the tip.)

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