James Jones Case: It’s Easy to See Why a Parent Would Go Off on Those Rotten Little Bastards


Reader Stephanie responds to James Jones Busted for Threatening to Kill Kids Bullying His Disabled Daughter. Her experience with kids cussing at the playground speaks to how disrespectful they are to adults, and why you want to cuss them yourself…

“I am not saying what he did was right but I understand his frustration
and his state of mind at the time. Kids have no respect and no manners
or anything of the sort these days, and I’m saying this at the young age
of 20.

“What was he supposed to do? Ask nicely and threaten to tell
their parents. They would laugh in his face. I have a 3 year old and 1
year old and I can imagine how it hurts him to see his Little girl being
hurt by bullies.

“My husband and I took our kids to the park on fathers
day of this year and there were 5 kids just sitting in the middle of the
platform cussing, and when I looked at the one doing the most, he was
probably 12 or so, he said, and I quote “what the fuck are you looking
at?” and continued on with his conversation about chuck norris jokes..
He should have stopped and thought.

“But I don’t blame him for freaking
out. As parents our heart breaks sometimes more than our child’s when
they are hurt.”