Video: Jessica Gamble Teaches Her 2-Year-Old Daughter to Smoke Weed



Jessica Gamble occasionally enjoys a nutritious and heart-healthy marijuana cigarette. Since the Springfield Township, Ohio mom is 21, we’re fine with that. However, she should probably know that weed consumption is not recommended for young children…

But after failing to even consult medical texts from prehistoric Jamaica, Gamble nonetheless decided to teach her 2-year-old daughter how to smoke a joint. And just so others could drink from her wisdom, she filmed it as an instructional video on her cell phone camera.

On the film, which is not expected to be used in the pediatrics curriculum at Johns Hopkins, Gamble can be heard telling her daughter how to properly wolf a joint. When this teachable moment concluded, she sent it to a friend, assured that they too would find great mirth in seeing a 2-year-old girl smoke weed.

Then something strange happened. The video’s recipient didn’t find it funny. Instead, that person likely said to herself, “Holy Shit! Jessica Gamble blows chunks as a mother!” So the video was handed over to the Department of Jobs and Family Services.

Now, just for trying to drop a little knowledge on the world, Gamble has been loaded up with a string of charges, including corrupting another with drugs, child endangering and tampering with evidence. That last one comes from her attempt to erase the video.

Her baby daughter has been yanked from the home, and she’s now sitting in the Hamilton County jail, where rolling papers are said to be somewhat more costly than at 7-Eleven.

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