Leiah Jackson, 8 Months Pregnant, Found Stabbed to Death; Fiance Killed the Same Day


UPDATE: 23-year-old Cornelious Harper has been named as the person of interest in the murder of Leiah Jackson and her fiance, Yancey Daniels. Harper, Yancey’s cousin, is being held on unralted charges as police await lab results in the case. See update after the jump…

Leiah, the goddaughter of singer Dionne Warwick, was studying for her master’s in hopes of becoming a school counselor

Someone clearly had it out for Leiah Jackson and her fiance, Yancey
Daniels. On Sunday morning, the school nurse’s aide was found stabbed
outside her home in Missouri City, Texas. She had managed to crawl to
her mother’s home next door before collapsing.

Leiah was eight months pregnant. According to police, she was stabbed 22 times, but wounds to her arm and back suggest that she’d turned to protect the unborn baby from her attacker.

When her mom found her, she immediately thought that Leiah had miscarried due to all the blood. It wasn’t until medics removed Leiah’s shirt that mom discovered her daughter had been attacked. Leiah was able to provide police with at least some clues to the case before she died. (See her Facebook memorial page here.)

Yet it seems someone had it out for both Leiah Jackson and her fiance, 30-year-old Yancey Daniels. Police say he was shot at a Houston apartment building just a half-hour before Leiah was stabbed.

Prior to being shot in the stomach, a neighbor says Daniels and another man were drunk and arguing. The other man apparently was asking Daniels, a computer specialist, for money.

Leiah was working on her master’s at the time of her death, hoping to someday become a school counselor. Police have questioned a person of interest, but they haven’t provided a name and there are no arrests so far.

Before she died, Leiah told her mother that she’d been stabbed by one of Yancey’s relatives

UPDATE: Cornelious Harper, Yancey’s cousin, has been named a person of interest in the murders.

Police aren’t releasing many details, but it appears Harper is a prime suspect in the case. He’s being held on unrelated charges of marijuana possession, auto theft, and parole violations. Police are awaiting lab results to see if he’s a true suspect in the double homicide.

Detectives now say that Yancey was shot several times at an apartment building at 12:30 a.m. on September 26. Just a half-hour later, Leiah was stabbed in the garage of her home. She was able to crawl to her mother’s house next door, where she told her she was stabbed by one of Yancy’s relatives.

Leiah and her unborn baby would later die at a hospital. Yancey’s body wouldn’t be found until 10 a.m. the following morning.

Police aren’t saying what the motive might have been. Leiah and Yancey seemed a bright, professional couple with a baby on the way and a sunny future ahead. It’s hard to imagine what they might have done to a relative that would cause such rage. After all, it has to take blistering anger — or the mind of a truly sick fuck — to repeatedly stab a pregnant woman in the stomach.

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