Rajini Narayan Sets Cheating Husband’s Penis On Fire to Save Her Marriage


Rajini Narayan had found her husband’s emails professing his love to another woman. It also seems he’d also taken out a credit card in the woman’s name. As a general rule, such behavior is rarely pleasing to one’s wife. But Rajini still wanted to save her marriage…

Remember, dear reader: When trying to burn off your husband’s penis, always practice conservation with the application of gas, lest you burn the shit out of your own house, as Rajini Narayan did

The only way to save it, she concluded, was to render his penis inoperable. But since she apparently had never heard of the techniques first pioneered by Lorena Bobbit — or perhaps just didn’t have a knife handy — she decided to burn his mighty sword to the ground. After all, it’s somewhat difficult to have an affair when your penis has been burned off.

According to her lawyer, Rajini confronted her husband over the affair as he lay in bed. She warned him that she was about to go arson on his ass. He reportedly responded by calling her “a fat, dumb bitch,” then rolled away from her. So Rajini doused his groin with gas and light him on fire.

Alas, she apparently got a little eco-unfriendly when she applied the gas, adding a bit too much accelerant to her lesson in fidelity. Hubby suffered burns over 75 percent of his body, but beds have a tendency to burn rather freely. And when it was all over, most of their Adelaide, Australia townhouse was up in flames.

She would later confess to a neighbor that she was trying to burn off her husband’s joystick. Police also found some of his offending emails in her purse after she was busted. But her lawyer claims she momentarily when apeshit when her husband treated her like a dick. And Rajini admitted in court that she thought a burned off penis was the best way to save her marriage.

She apparently never considered that hubby might just be a little pissed about being neutered by flame.

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