Ronald Pudder, Inferior White Supremacist, Charged with Hate Crime for Burning Black Church



​You gotta love those white supremacists bent on constantly proving that we honkies are an inferior race. Take 23-year-old Ronald Pudder, considered the leading embarrassment to white people in Conneaut, Ohio. Last May, he decided to burn down a black church…

So he went to the First Azusa Apostolic Faith Church, splashed its doors with an accelerant, then set it ablaze.

Just looking at Ronald Pudder makes you proud to be a white guy, doesn’t it?

​Firefighter showed up at 4:45 in the morning to halt the flames. Pudder, in apparent attempt to prove that white people suck at burning stuff, didn’t get very far with his keen plot. The blaze was put out before it could reach the sanctuary.

But come hell or high water, Pudder really wanted prove his genetic inferiority. As firemen worked, he kept slowing driving by the scene to watch his handiwork unfold. Police thought this was somewhat unusual, seeing as how it was 4:45 a.m., when few people in Conneaut, Ohio are trolling the streets just in case a church fire breaks out.

The cops intercepted his car. Lo and behold, they confiscated evidence indicated that Pudder enjoyed setting fires. He would later confess to setting the blaze.

Today, the feds charged him with two felony counts of damaging a church based on bias and arson. And just to show how superior this guy’s gene pool is, his brother, David Pudder, was charged last month with the rape of a 3-year-old boy.

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