Seth Walsh Suicide: Gay 13-Year-Old Hangs Himself After Years of Bullying


The kids at Jacobsen Middle School in Tehachapi, California knew Seth Walsh was different. He was gay, into fashion, softer and gentler than a boy was supposed to be. Or so they thought. So they tormented him because of it…

On September 19, he had a confrontation with some other kids in a park. Police aren’t sure what that was about, but it clearly pushed the 13-year-old over the edge. Later that day, he was found hanging from a tree in his back yard.

He was helicoptered to a hospital, where he remained on life support for a week. But on Tuesday, he passed away.

School officials, as seems so often the case, say they had no idea Seth was being bullied. Being educators who are supposed to understand the minds of young kids, you’d think they might have asked the young gay kid, “Hey, you got any problems I can help you with?” But asking the obvious bullying target how he’s doing is not included in the All-Important Rulebook. So they didn’t.

His friends now say that Seth was bullied unmercifully for months on end. And when police interviewed the bullies themselves, some broke down and cried, too young and dumb to realize what their actions would lead to.

But school officials have cleared themselves of responsibility, somehow claiming that none of this happened on school property. Police don’t think they have enough evidence to charge anyone in the case.

In the end, all we have is just another gay kid who decided to hang himself, thinking it was his only means of escape. (Special thanks to reader Angry Grandma for the tip.)

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