Teachers Audrey Grabarkiewicz & Sarah Jane Lindsay Threw Sex Parties for Underage Boys


Sarah Jane Lindsay and Audrey Beidleman Grabarkiewicz are both elementary school teachers and 40-something moms from Boiling Springs, South Carolina. They’re also apparently desperate for male companionship — even if those males don’t yet shave…

Audrey Grabarkiewicz, a Lake Bowen Baptist Church preschool teacher, got a pass on the sex charges by only sleeping with boys 16 and older

So over the summer, they began holding festive affairs in both of their homes, offering their guests a delightful selection of booze and pot. This would all be swell if they were courting men of the post-18 variety. But the teachers decided to make their guest lists a little more diversified — not to mention illegal — by inviting some boys who were under 14.

Sarah Lindsay wasn’t so lucky. She’s charged with sexing up boys ages 11-14

Police aren’t releasing many details about what specifically took place at the parties — or how many boys were involved. But it seems these pillars of the South Carolina education system decided to frequently get bonerific with their guests, much to the chagrin of the lads’ parents.

In July, a parent complained to police that the teachers were going full cougar on the kids. It took police two months to investigate, but the teachers have now been loaded up with charges of underage sex and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Postings on Grabarkiewicz’s Facebook page, while cryptic, almost seem to be tracking the rise and fall of her sex life. (You can find Lindsay’s Facebook page here.)

“I love my life right now!” wrote Grabarkiewicz, a Lake Bowen Baptist Church preschool teacher, on August 9.

But by the middle of August, party life seems to have been producing rumors. “I really wish people would find other things to talk about than me,” she wrote on August 15. “I’m just trying to move on with my life and be happy!!!!!!!”

A week later, she had moved on to victimhood: “Why don’t people just leave me alone? They have done enough to hurt
me already!!!! I hope you find better things to do with your time than to keep
spreading lies about me!! And everybody else needs to stop believing
everything you hear!! Just ask me!!”

Yet by September 1, she was back to her yearnings of love. “How come the one you want is always the one you can’t have? if someone truly
wants you, nothing will keep them away. they will do everything they can
to be with you!!!”

While police are offering few details on what the woman actually did, it’s fairly easy to parse from the charges against them. Lindsay,
a 4th grade teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary, is charged with nine counts of
contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal sexual conduct
with a minor between 11 and 14 years old.

Police say Grabarkiewicz got a pass on the sex charges because she only slept with boys 16 or older, the age of consent in South Carolina. But she was hit with 10
counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

She was fired on Monday by the Lake Bowen Baptist Church. Linday resigned the same fday from the Spartanburg County School District.

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