Toni Stowers-Moore Had Sex With Grandson to Exorcise His Demons


Either Toni Stowers-Moore is batshit crazy, or she’s come up with the world’s most inventive excuse for going perv on her 15-year-old grandson. Two years ago, the 53-year-old grandma took the boy in after his release from a detention center…

That’s when the teacher’s aide for the Durham, North Carolina school system noticed something shocking: The boy was possessed by sexual demons!

So in order to exorcise said demons, Stowers-Moore decided to go to Bone Town with him herself, sacrificing her own body so the demons would be released. In other words, it was her “religious duty” to go perv on him so he wouldn’t go perv on others. Or at least that’s what she told relatives, who recorded her phone calls.

But seeing as how this is the Bible Belt — and seeing as how she’s likely nuttier Planter’s factory — her lawyer was able to negotiate a sweet deal that allowed her to avoid prison. If she pleaded to taking indecent
liberties with a child, she’d have to register as a sex offender, but she’d get a suspended sentence.

Stowers-Moore, however, decided to reject that plea, instead choosing to head to trial, where she could get 12 years in the slam.

Yet she may not be as mental as originally thought. Realizing that Ye Olde Sex Demon defense isn’t likely to score with jurors who maintain some semblance of cognitive stability, she’s now changed her defense, claiming the boy raped her.

She’s also getting help from the boy himself. He’s refused to help police and has gone missing. Detectives have issued an arrest warrant to make sure he appears in court to testify against grandma.

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