Top 5 Douchebags: Edward Bagley Sr. Turns Runaway Teen Into Tortured Sex Slave


Edward Bagley Sr. enticed a “mentally deficient” runaway teenage girl to live in his trailer with promises of a career in modeling, then for six years made her his S&M sex slave, broadcasting his exploits and selling time with her to four degenerate friends. It’s made him “master” of our Douchebags of the Week


5. Jonathan Popple

It was a Saturday morning like any other. The 26-year old Popple woke up, got stoned and began cleaning his gun. But this wasn’t ordinary pot — at least by his description — because the Baraboo, Illinois man began to hallucinate. He felt like he was on a rock looking down at an alien he had seen in a movie. (We’re lacking a little detail here. Are we talking Predator? Alien? Chewbacca?)

So he shot at it. (Clearly, he’s not the welcoming type.) He snapped out of his reverie pretty quickly, and realized his brother was in the basement. Fortunately Popple hadn’t shot him, but he did have to answer to the police, who responded to reports of a gunshot.

Obviously not the shiniest penny, Popple told police he had more pot in his room, but asked them not to take it, or he wouldn’t be able to pay what he owed. Jail might be the best thing for him, lest he be decapitated by a box fan while trying to shave or lose his hearing after cleaning his ears with a paring knife.

wedding dress bride_opt.jpg

4. Jessica Vega

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding, and sometimes the only way to achieve that is by telling everyone that you have terminal cancer. The 23-year old Westchester County, New York resident and her husband, Michael O’Connor, got everything comped for their May wedding from the dress to the photos to the rings to their honeymoon in Aruba and spending money for the trip.

According to O’Connor, who met Vega at a Manhattan culinary school and conceived a child with her, she scammed everybody including him, and now he’s filing for divorce. The doctor who allegedly told her she had leukemia told a newspaper reporter she was never a patient. Vega says she’s trying to beat her diagnosis without chemotherapy, relying on the right foods, tea, water and exercise. (Sounds more like a program for weight loss.)

Sadly the only repercussion she’s likely to face is loss of custody of her one-year old child, which if fitting, probably isn’t in their little girl Ava’s best interest. Let’s just hope she doesn’t grow up to be as big of a douche as her mom.


3. Calvin Gibbs & Company

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, a dozen U.S. soldiers are charged with turning their tour of duty into GTA: Grand Theft Afghanistan. They’re charged with shooting and blowing up random Afghan civilians, posing for pictures beside their dead bodies, and taking fingers as trophys (presumably because they age better than Viet Cong ears).

The fun allegedly began when Staff Sergaent Calvin Gibbs arrived from Iraq in November of last year. He bragged about how easily one could “toss a grenade at someone and kill them.” (Did he learn how to say “Here, catch” in Arabic?) Gibbs inaugurated a “kill team” to take out random Afghans for their entertainment. (He’s like Back To the Future‘s Biff, with an M-16 and stripes.)

The 25-year old Gibbs then encouraged/ordered his soldiers to kill three Afghan civilians in a series of encounters beginning in January. The army began investigating charges from a soldier fresh out of basic training that troops were smoking hashish and even stealing it from the locals. Two days later, the soldier was violently beaten for being a snitch. He reported the beatings and told officials about the “kill team.”

One soldier, 22-year old Adam Winfield (pictured), told his father about the first killing, and pressed him to contact army authorities since he was afraid he would be overheard. A short while later, however, he asked his dad to back off out of concern over what might happen if stateside officials started asking questions.

A week later, the second killing took place. They tossed an AK-47 on the corpse so it would look like self-defense, something Winfield told his parents they planned to do in a Facebook message.

This attitude toward those whose country we’re occupying may explain why Afghan civilian casualties are up 31% over the first half of the year according to the U.N., with more than 1,200 killed. The Army’s potential new motto: “Handing guns and grenades to irresponsible twenty-somethings, and building goodwill wherever we go.”

jeffery york_opt.jpg

2. Jeffrey York

They were the kind of family that one neighbor remembers commenting, “One day we’re going to be sitting here talking to the news [about them].” Jeffrey York kept his wife and seven children locked away from the rest of the world. They were homeschooled and not allowed any friends outside of their Madison, Ohio home.

In December, his wife called the police and reported the 47-year old York for raping one of their children on multiple occasions more than 13 (!!) years ago. Cops took her and the children to a safe place, and the kids are now attending traditional schools.

She also accused York of keeping another child locked in a closet-size room for a year, only letting her out occasionally to use the bathroom. She alleges that he mentally and physically abused her and four of their children.

The guy’s clearly a living turd, but does anyone else think the mother bears some culpability for not acting a little bit sooner??


1. Edward Bagley Sr.

Edward Bagley Sr. is the type of sick bastard for whom death seems insufficient punishment. You couldn’t turn him into soap, because no matter how much you scrubbed, you’d never feel clean. His best future might be as a shade for Satan’s drawstring lamp.

The 43-year old Bagley met a mentally disabled 16-year old runaway in December 2002, and lured her to his rented trailer in the woods of rural Lebanon, Missouri, promising her a good life and a future in modeling. He provided her with a television, her own room, clothes and food while giving her marijuana and ecstasy, introducing her to sadomasochistic pornography and sexually abusing her.

Shortly after she turned 18, he coerced her into signing a “sex slavery contract” that he said bound her to him for life. (Not legally binding in most states, with the possible exception of West Virginia.) He tattooed her with a bar code and an S, and the Chinese characters for slave. Over the next five years he tortured her in sessions that he broadcast online for at least four other men, who watched or participated in person.

In torture that would’ve excited Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, Bagley caned, whipped, flogged, skewered, waterboarded, suffocated, and electrocuted the victim. He pu
t her in a dog cage and suspended her from the ceiling. He nailed her genitals to pieces of wood, sewed orifices shut, and ran high voltage through sensitive parts of her body. If she complained or cried, he would ramp up the torture.

For 18 months she worked as a stripper, with him keeping the $112,000 she earned. If she wasn’t one of the club’s top earners, he tortured, physically and sexually abused her. He used medical instruments, vacuums and clothes hangars to terminate her pregnancies.

He lived off proceeds of his S&M broadcasts, allowing other men to beat and have sex with her, her stripping from June 2007 to February 2009, and a disability check for an injury sustained when he shot himself in the hand.

He was finally exposed when in February of last year she went into cardiac arrest while he was electrocuting and suffocating her. She had to be flown by paramedics to a hospital. Four other men were charged including 50-year old Dennis Harvey, Postmaster General in Nevada, MO, and 31-year old real estate broker Bradley Cook. Charges included conspiracy, forced labor trafficking and sexual trafficking. All defendants face maximum life sentences if convicted on that latter charge.

These people make me ashamed to call myself human, though it’s not entirely clear they are.

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