Top 5 Douchebags: Raquel Glenn Kills Boyfriend For Not Making Enough Money


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​Raquel Glenn had long relied on the kindness/money of others, so when she ran through all her blue collar boyfriend’s money and he asked her to leave, she did him one better and killed him. Glenn’s craven act earns her the leading role in Douchebags of the Week

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5. Gina Hinkle

Gina Hinkle believes in rough justice, something she’s striving to instill in her child.  It seems the 33-year old Oklahoma City, Oklahoma woman’s 9-year old daughter wasn’t invited to a birthday party, so they crashed it, in order to teach them a lesson.

Hinkle arrived mouth-blazing, yelling at one of the birthday girl’s friends, who knew both girls, and had gone to the party even though Hinkle’s daughter hadn’t been invited. Apparently, the birthday girl’s parents had a previous run-in with Hinkle, in which she’d claimed their 12-year old had picked on Hinkle’s daughter on the school bus. However surveillance video from the bus showed no such thing. (And yet she still expected an invitation.)

When they asked her to leave, Hinkle told her child that she should stand up for herself and do something, which she did, walking over and giving the birthday girl a five-finger present. 

While the victim’s black eye heals, Hinkle faces charges including contributing to the delinquency of a minor and trespassing. The 9-year faces assault and battery. With mom’s help she’s well on her way to learning the Way of the Douchebag.

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4.  Lawrence Sitler

Some people have no patience for kids, especially other people’s. So when 46-year old Albuquerque, New Mexico man Lawrence Sitler’s bus riding zen was interrupted by a crying 2-year old, he told the parents to shut the boy up.

Intimidated, the mother of the child and her two friends got off the bus before their stop. But this wasn’t good enough for Sitler, who wanted to impress upon them what a dick he was. He followed them off the bus and held his knife to the neck of one of the woman’s friends. He sliced their arm, and ran off.

He had to run because one of the witnesses started chasing him. They pursued him for 10 minutes before running out of breath. The police picked up the chase and soon caught Sitler. According to police, Sitler has “some sort of issues.” Well, duh.

We’ll just have to wait for a noisy jail bunkmate to give him the ass-kicking he so richly deserves.


3. Parbati Zimmerman Kalicharan

Not all grandmas are the sweet, patient old ladies we see on television. Maybe 64-year old Apple Valley, Minnesota woman, Parbati Zimmerman Kalicharan needed a Snickers.

Her 12-year old daughter was putting together a jigsaw puzzle last week while mee-maw was cutting peppers. An argument erupted and the little girl told Kalicharan to shut up. This didn’t settle well with grandma, who tore up the jigsaw puzzle box and threw it in the trash. When the little girl begged grandma to give her back the box cover so she could see how the puzzle went, Kalicharan ripped it into even smaller pieces.

The little girl began to cry and said she didn’t like her grandma. Well, that was Kalicharan’s breaking point. (Grandma apparently runs a little hot.) She went after the little girl with her cutting knife, chasing her behind the couch and slicing a 3/4 inch gash in her ear.

She’s just lucky mee-maw wasn’t making french fries.


2. 13-year old Bad Seed

Psychologists say our basic personality is set by the time we’re six years old. If so, this particular, unidentified 13-year old Chicago boy needs an asshole-alert bracelet.

Even without one, Gwendolyn Davis picked up on the way the little delinquent suggestively grabbed her 11-year old daughter, and told the boy she didn’t want him anywhere near her child. The next day the little girl was playing with a 10-year old boy on the 2nd-floor porch of their apartment building. They looked up and saw the future felon on the floor above them grabbing a container of drain cleaner left there by a negligent janitor.

They watched as he emptied the container — which is 93% sulfuric acid — on their heads. The little girl has burns over her whole body, and her bracelet melted onto her wrist. The burns are severe enough to require surgery. The little boy has burns on his head, neck and all down his back.

The 13-year old was sent to juvie. His parents naturally protested that he’s really a good kid and it was an accident. Something tells me it’s going to take more than a spanking to set this kid right.

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1. Raquel Glenn

Suffice to say, you need to be careful about any girlfriend you meet in a psych ward. Then again, one doesn’t end up there because of a well-calibrated decision-making process.

Chiwa Chan had worked for years as a handyman in a Manhattan, New York building. He checked into Lenox Hill Hospital’s mental ward to treat his bi-polar disorder in 2006.

While there he met Raquel Glenn, who prosecutors say had checked in complaining of suicidal thoughts, but in actuality simply had no place else to go. She’d dated wealthy businessmen her whole life, but after she’d run through the $100,000 trust fund her latest boyfriend had set up for her, he’d kicked her out.

Chan fell victim to her charm and invited Glenn to move into his Bensonhurst, NY home. But Chan wasn’t up to the standards and lifestyle to which Glenn had grown accustomed. She said in her psych interview that she’d never been with a blue collar worker and resented “ending up in the bowels of Brooklyn, coming from the Upper East Side of Manhattan.”

Chan took out a $50,000 home equity loan to pay for the fancy salons and restaurants Glenn was used to frequenting. In August 2008, he grew tired of her nagging and leeching off him, and told her to leave.

Being told to leave by a maintenance worker didn’t sit too well with Glenn. So she fastened him to his chair with a nail gun, duct-taped a plastic bag over his head, then stabbed him several times in the chest, and finally slit his throat, just to be sure. She called 911 and was waiting on the couch when they arrived.

She claims voices in her head told her to kill him. They’re probably the same voices that told her she needed a Hermes bag and Jimmy Choo shoes. Just another case of Sex In the City gone wrong.

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