Zyda White, 2, Beaten to Death By Her 11-Year-Old Babysitter, Say Police


Ashlea Collier had dropped off her daughter, Zyda White, at a coworker’s apartment Saturday night. The coworker’s 11-year-old daughter was supposed to babysit the little girl. But Ashlea immediately noticed something wrong when she went to pick her daughter up…

The babysitter’s mother covers her face outside the Sandy Springs, Georgia police department

The 2-year-old’s eyes were wide open, as if she’d been stunned into a daze. The babysitter claimed Zyda had fallen out of bed, and that she’d put the girl back to bed and given her some apple juice. But the problem was clearly more severe than that.

The babysitter’s mom performed CPR, and the girl was rushed to the hospital. Zyda would die that night. An autopsy would soon reveal that her injuries were far more severe than a simple fall from a bed. Zyda had suffered blunt-force trauma to the head, torso and butt. In short: She’d been beaten to death in the Sandy Springs, Georgia apartment.

Yesterday, the babysitter — whose name hasn’t been released — was charged with murder and child abuse. Police have not revealed the babysitter’s mother’s role. Most cases like this usually involve a child someone can’t control, so one would think the mother would either have heard the little girl fussing, or heard her daughter beating her.

But even if she’s convicted, the babysitter won’t do much time — at least relative to the severity of the case. Under Georgia law, kids 12 or younger can only be jailed until their 21st birthday.

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