A Reader Demonstrates the Proper Way to Handle a Stalker (Baseball Bat Not Included)


Reader Mileshigh responds to Patrick Macchione’s Stalking is So Brazen He Posts it on YouTube. She let a man escort her home from the bar one night. He ended up on her porch for the next three mornings in a row. That called for aggressive measures…

“I met a seemingly nice guy at a bar last year and allowed him the
pleasure of escorting me home. We said goodnight at the door and I had
no interest in seeing him again.

“The next morning when I was leaving for
school I found him on my porch with two cups of coffee for us to enjoy
together. I told him politely that it wasn’t going to happen.

following morning he arrived predawn and rang the door bell for about an
hour until the cops showed up and then promptly disappeared.

“The third
morning I met him on the porch with a baseball bat and told him that I
intended to beat him to death and then drag him into the house so as to
simplify things when the cops arrived. I didn’t see him again.”