Cornelia Gragg’s Husband Finds Photos of Her Having Sex With the Family Dog


We can all agree that Cornelia Gragg possesses the looks and the raw sexuality that could burn a hole in the atmosphere. Though she’s married, surely she could find legions of frisky suitors around her home in Greenwood, Arkansas. But she’s too much woman for mere man…

Which is why she expanded her carnality to other species, namely her dog. And just to have some keepsakes of her venture into canine love, she decided to take pictures that she could keep on her computer.

Though they may have provided Cornelia with fond memories, her husband wasn’t too pleased when he discovered them on their home computer. They indicated she’d been having sex with the family dog over a four-month period, from April to July, when hubby made his alarming discovery.

There’s no word if he confronted his wife over her preference for four-legged lovers. But there is word that he took the pictures to police, seeing as how he now found himself married to a degenerate.

But by the time police came looking, Cornelia had taken it on the lam. She’s now wanted for misdemeanor bestiality and defiling Arkansas state statutes by not sexing up her cousin instead.

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