Daniela Gaskie, Kentucky Beauty Queen, Charged With Stabbing Gas Station Worker in the Neck


Thankfully, we here at True Crime Report aren’t burdened by extraordinary beauty. After all, it’s stressful being really, really good looking, as Miss Kentucky Latina Daniela Gaskie discovered last week. She was at a gas station in Richmond when she grew irate…

Daniela Gaskie: Capable of dazzling your eyes and stabbing you in the neck with a ballpoint pen. That’s just the way she rolls.

No one seems to know what set the fetching 22-year-old siren off. Perhaps the attendant was not showing the proper fealty. So she stabbed him in the neck with a ballpoint pen. That would teach him to understand the importance of superior beauty.

Then she ran across the street and started beating on the car of pharmacist Mary Ann McKinney. Mary Ann, who never met the woman before, was just emerging from a drug store when she saw Gaskie pounding her Toyota.

“Well, I walked out of the store to the girl and said, ‘Excuse me,
but you’ve got the wrong car,’ and she answered me in a very explicit
way,” Mary Ann told MSNBC. “She went into this mad rage.”

That’s when Gaskie decided to go apeshit on Mary Ann. “She kicked me in the stomach, tore off my glasses, my glasses ended
up on the pavement, tore at my back, busted my lip, knocked up a bump on
head. I still have a knot on the back of my head.”

Fortunately, bystanders not threatened by Gaskie’s omnipotent visuals came to her aid. The beauty queen was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Alas, pageants are rather image conscious events. Organizers usually don’t want their queens stabbing people in the neck with pens — unless it involves a hairdresser who’s rendered someone ugly with a substandard dye job. So our queen was stripped of her title. Officials also discovered that she was married, which meant that she didn’t actually qualify to be a “Miss.”

But while you can take the title from the queen, you can’t swipe her inner royalty. As Gaskie was being driven away in the back of a squad, she blew kisses to her victims.

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