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David Lovshin, Child Rapist, Discovers That Murderers Don't Take Kindly to Pedophiles in Prison

By Pete Kotz in Child Abuse, Sex crimes
Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:03 pm
David Richard Lovshin was already on probation for a criminal abuse conviction after he sexually abused a mentally impaired victim in 2005. But he didn't learn his lesson. He was witnessed by a relative taking a 5-year-old girl into her bedroom. The witness then heard screams...

While he was awaiting trial, Lovshin says accused murderer Stephen Cobenais Sr. gave him a savage beating in jail
When police interviewed the girl, she said that Lovshin had raped her on multiple occasions. During their investigation, detectives discovered that he'd also raped a 10-year-old girl. The second girl's injuries were so bad that doctors warn she may never be able to have kids.

Yet prosecutors took a plea this week to save the girls from testifying. Lovshin (pictured top) received 7 years in the prison in exchange for pleading to first-degree assault and second-degree criminal sexual conduct. It may be a light sentence, considering the damage he caused the girls. But the Cloquet, Minnesota perv's real sentence likely awaits him when he arrives at prison.

During his sentencing, Lovshin's lawyer asked that he not be held in the same joint as Stephen Cobenais Sr. He's charged with the murder of Mario Highler and the subsequent police standoff last year in Duluth. While both were awaiting trial, the St. Louis County jail was full, so the two inmates were temporarily housed in Wisconsin. According to Lovshin's lawyer, that's where Cobenais severely beat Lovshin.

A judge said he'd place a note in the sentencing file asking prison officials to separate the two. But since there's no shortage of people in prison who really enjoy beating up child rapists, we're guessing Lovshin won't be able to hide wherever he goes. (Special thanks to reader Sangelia for the tip.)

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