Francis Hajosy Charged With Sexual Assault for Spanking Disruptive Girl in Class


In today’s episode of Great Moral Dilemmas of the Day, we bring you the saga of Francis Hajosy, a technology teacher at Enfield High School in Connecticut. A girl was visiting his class when she put her feet up on a desk…

“You know, you’re not too big
for me to put over my knee and spank,” Hajosy told her, according to a police report.

But the girl, who was just visiting and wasn’t one of his students, decided to counter him by grabbing a can of spray glue and blasting it in the air. Hajosy told her stop. But the girl did it again.

That’s when Hajosy grabbed the girl by the shoulders and neck. She responded by trying to kick him away. So he lifted her legs in the air and spanked her twice. When she told him to stop, he spanked her two more times.

It would seem a fitting punishment for a little smart-ass who’s disrupting a class. It doesn’t so much hurt, but it is embarrassing. It also sends the message that the kid is behaving like a little girl, which means she’ll be treated like one.

But in Sphincter World — also known as “Modern Education” — this wasn’t seen as fitting punishment. Hajosy was actually charged with fourth degree sexual assault.

The sex part seems utter bullshit, because no one’s claiming there was anything remotely sexual about the deal. But what do you think, dearest reader?

You can say Hajosy was a moron for laying hands on the girl, knowing that he was employed by sphincters who would surely go apeshit over his move. Then again, should a grown man really have to take shit from a pint-sized smart-ass?

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