Jennifer Lyn Petkov Taunts 7-Year-Old Girl With a Degenerative Brain Disorder Over Facebook


UPDATE: Karma continues to take a bite out of Jennifer Petkov’s ass. When her ex-husband heard that she was taunting dying little girls, he went to court to get custody of their two kids. A judge granted that emergency order yesterday. See update after the jump…

Kathleen Edwards is in the final stages of Huntington’s Disease. A mom across the street put up a picture on her Facebook page showing the girl covered by crossbones.

Jennifer Lyn Petkov could well be the worst mother in the history of the
world. Her launch into the realm of epic evil began two years ago when
the family of 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards threw a party on the front
lawn of their Trenton, Michigan home.

It was a splendid affair complete with one of those bouncy houses. So Petkov, who lives across the street, texted Rebecca Rose, Kathleen’s grandmother, asking if she could bring her own kids to the party.

But it seems Rebecca was a little slow in responding that day. You can imagine that she was just a bit busy. Besides, it’s a little forward to invite yourself to someone else’s party — especially when you’re Jennifer Lyn Petkov and even God hates you.

The delay in response pissed Petkov off. So she would spend the next two years taunting her neighbors over the slight.

At this point, you should know that 7-year-old Kathleen Edwards has a degenerative brain disorder that will lead to her death some day. She’s in the final stages of Huntington’s Disease. You should also know that Kathleen’s mother died from the same illness.

So a decent woman would try to reach out of a family cursed by such illness. But Petkov is not a decent woman. Instead, she created a Facebook page devoted to taunting mother and daughter. She posted of a picture of the little girl with crossbones on her. She also posted a photo of Kathleen’s mother hugging the Grim Creeper. Finally, she and her husband Scott parked a truck in front of their home that carried a homemade coffin.

Stay classy, Petkovs!

When Fox Detroit asked Jennifer why she was being such a dick, she only had this to say:

“Personal satisfaction! Because it rubs their assholes raw! Burns their
assholes! Because it burns Rebecca Rose’s asshole raw to make fun of her
dead daughter on that page. Take it or leave it.” (See the video of their immense dickery here.)

But after the story aired, the Petkov’s had their home egged and began receiving death threats online. They were exposed as huge assholes, and suddenly had a change of heart.

Jennifer’s husband Scott has now apologized for the taunting. He’s dismantled the coffin and parked his truck behind a fence. But we’re hoping the counter-harassment is not over. When you taunt a dying little girl, a mere egging of your house is insufficient punishment. (Special thanks to readers Alecto, Mandy and Leah for the tip.)

Rebecca Rose and David Edwards say $12,000 in donations have already rolled in for a shopping spree for Kathleen

UPDATE: People from around the world are rallying to Kathleen’s side, and the Petkovs are in deep shit.

An Ann Arbor toy company has already raised $12,000 for a shopping spree for the little girl, as donations roll in from across the globe. She’s received messages of support from as far away as Germany and Japan. And she’ll be invited on to the ice when Disney on Ice rolls into Detroit. In the end, it looks like the Petkovs’ plan to torture the family severely backfired.

As well it should. The Petkovs dickheadedness began two years ago when their children weren’t invited to a birthday party Rebecca Rose threw on her front yard. That day, Jennifer Petkov stood on her front porch, announcing that she didn’t want her kids playing with those “fucking retards” anyway.

Over the years, the Petkovs’ beef grew to involve many neighbors. Jennifer would tell Kathleen that she wished the little girl would just die, and Scott would rev the engine of his homemade hearse just to piss the family off.

Kathleen’s dad Robert eventually got a restraining order against the assholes across the street, but the Petkovs were such epic dicks that they took their taunting to Facebook. 

Robert Edwards already lost his wife to Huntington’s at the age of 24. He’s about to lose his daughter. So when police asked him why he had yet to cross the street and kick some ass, he merely responded that he already had too much on his plate to worry about the Petkovs.

He doesn’t look like the fighting type, and hospice workers already stop by the house every week to help out with Kathleen. Besides, karma has taken care of the Petkovs.

Scott’s been suspended from his job with pay as a forklift repairman. He says he may get fired. This being manly Michigan, people don’t take kindly to men who taunt dying girls. He’s just lucky his own coworkers haven’t beaten his ass yet.

He’s tried to say that his wife’s “brutal honesty” has caused the problem. But wishing death upon a little girl isn’t brutal honesty; it’s just being a fucking degenerate.

Even the Petkovs four children are feeling the backlash. Their oldest was sent home from school after getting into a beef with another kid who saw the photos Jennifer photoshopped for her Facebook page.

While we hate to see the sins of the parents delivered upon the kids, the epic douchebaggery of mom and dad makes it inevitable.

UPDATE II: Police say Jennifer Petkov tried to run over a neighbor with her car.

Neighbor Tana Boling was crossing the street to talk to Rebecca Rose. She didn’t notice that someone was sitting in the Petkovs’ car in their driveway. But as she reached the middle of the street, she says Jennifer Petkov came storming out of her driveway, speeding toward her.

“If I wouldn’t (have) got out of her way
there’s no doubt she would have hit me,” Tana told WJBK-TV.

Petkov was subsequently arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon and reckless driving. But her lawyer says he has surveillance tape of the incident, that Tana is exaggerating, and the video will be enough to get the charges dropped.

A woman who taunts dying girls usually doesn’t make a very good mom, unless you’re hoping the kids grow up to be Eva Braun.

UPDATE III: Jennifer Petkov loses two of her kids in custody hearing.

A judge has ordered that two of Jennifer Petkov’s children from a previous marriage will be sent to live with their father. The dad sought an emergency custody hearing after discovering that his ex-wife was taunting a dying little girl. That kind of thing usually implies that you’re not a very good mom, unless you’re hoping the kids grow up to be Eva Braun.

So the judge ordered that the kids, an 8-year-old girl and a 5-year-old son, be sent to live with their dad until further notice. 

But while karma continues to storm around Petkov, the girl she tormented enjoys the gentle showers of good fortune. West Grange Pharmacy in Trenton threw a princess party for Kathleen yesterday with face painting, a dressed up princess, and all her friends and family.

Rich Grossman, who owns the pharmacy, said the outpouring of support for Kathleen has been unbelievable. “People been coming
in here today all day long leaving checks, leaving donations and
literally crying because they were just so moved by what’s going on,”
he told WJBK-TV. The money will be donated to Kathleen’s medical expenses.

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