John Trotter, Discount Male Hooker: Swapped Blow Job for $35 & Winning Lotto Ticket


The good thing about the depression is that it’s reduced the price of everything from fast food to Toyotas. It’s also taking a bite out of prostitution costs. Meet John Trotter, the name in discount prostitution in Waterford, New York…

It seems he was looking sweet in a city park the other day, dressed in an impeccable wife-beater and shimmering with a come-hither smile. That’s when he was approached by another man with a fetching proposition of felatio. The man offered to pay Trotter $35 in cash, plus a winning $5 lotto ticket, in exchange for being allowed to give Trotter a blow job.

Trotter consented. A grand time was had by all.

Yet someone reported suspicious activity in the park. By the time police arrived, our amorous duo had already left. But Trotter was worried about eventually being pinched — or perhaps he was just having pangs of guilt over selling for below the suggested retail price. So he peddled his bike to a police station to turn himself in.

Trotter’s been charged with prostitution. His john has yet to be caught. The worst part of all this is that the $35 and the lotto ticket were confiscated as evidence.

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