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Laura Cano Charged With Beating 10-Year-Old Stepdaughter Over Bad Math Test

By Pete Kotz in Bad Moms, Child Abuse
Monday, October 4, 2010 at 2:26 pm
The 10-year-old girl arrived at her San Antonio home with her math test. She scored a 78, which wasn't nearly good enough for her stepmother, Laura Cano. In fact, when you score a 78 in the Cano home, that's cause for a savage beatdown...

According to the girl, Cano began hitting her in the living room, chased her into the kitchen and continued to beat her, then followed her to the bathroom, where she kicked the 10-year-old and stepped on her hand.

But no one came to the girl's aide until she showed up to school with what are described as "severe injuries." A teacher noticed visible marks on the girl's neck. The girl finally broke down under questioning by the school nurse, saying she'd been stomped by her stepmother over her insufficient math score.

Family members say they never reported the incident because Cano left for a church retreat shortly after the attack. They thought she'd be better when she returned, but they also confessed that Cano had beaten the girl with a belt in the past.

Cano was arrested on charges of injury to a child, but she claims she doesn't remember the incident because she blacked out. Whether that was from anger, drinking, or the sheer euphoria of following Jesus' teachings on child abuse, we're not sure.

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