Mark Letellier, Mom’s Drunk-Ass Boyfriend, Shoots Out Kid’s Tires For Breaking Curfew



​Only weeks before, 41-year-old Mark Letellier had moved into the Topsfield, Massachusetts home of his girlfriend, where she lived with her two children. The happy couple were out for dinner Wednesday night when they came home to find her 16-year-old son gone…

The kid, said to be an honor student, was supposed to be grounded at the time. This didn’t make mom happy.

When the kid got home, mom and son began to argue and the kid allegedly swore at him mom. So Letellier decided to assert himself as the man of the house. He went to the garage and retrieved his trusty firearm. Then he shot out all four tires on the kid’s car, just to make sure he couldn’t leave again.

Naturally, neighbors called police, since taking target practice on cars is apparently frowned upon in Topsfield. The cops arrived at the home to find Letellier hammered and in possession of loaded weaponry.

He thought they were there to present him with a medal for inventive fatherhood. Instead, he was charged with possession of a firearm without a license, discharging a
firearm within 500 feet of a home and possession of a firearm while
under the influence.

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