Megan Taylor, Moron of the Day: Hooker Calls in Fake Hostage Situation Because John Won’t Pay


As you can tell by her photo, Megan Taylor could easily find work on the runways of Milan or in the executive suite at any Fortune 500 company. But she’s instead chosen to take her talents to the lucrative and glamorous field of prostitution in Cincinnati…

When we last wrote about Donna Toure, she was trying to sell her ass to an undercover cop for $5 and a jawbreaker

Yet despite being wicked babe of dangerous sensual powers, it seems her skills weren’t impressive enough to meet the exacting standards of Geoffrey Miller. According to Taylor, she and fellow prostitute Donna Toure accompanied him to the Interstate Motel. As you’re surely well aware, hotels named after freeways always have a ton of class.

Anyways, Taylor and Miller got to romping. Toure, who we last saw in March when she was arrested for trying to sell her ass for $5 and a jawbreaker to an undercover cop, was scheduled for later on that night’s menu. But upon completing bonerism with Taylor, Miller refused to pay. We’re not sure if he’s a deadbeat or if he found Taylor’s romantic fare not as good as advertised.

So Taylor decided to call the cops, claiming that she and Toure were being held hostage in the hotel room. She apparently believed that, upon hearing her tale of services unrewarded, the police would force Miller to pay.

But the situation didn’t turn out as planned. Instead of arresting Miller for the nefarious crime of Failure to Pay a Skank, Taylor was arrested for inducing panic and soliciting prostitution. Toure, meanwhile, was nabbed for soliciting and possession of a crack pipe, which we’re sure you’ll find surprising.

For his part, Miller was able to skate on paying for his moment of skankerific delight, but he was arrested on an outstanding drunk driving warrant.

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