Reader: True Crime Shouldn’t Be Posting Suicide Videos Out of Respect for Family


Reader Nicole responds to Video: Marcus Jannes, 21, Commits Suicide By Hanging Himself Live on the Internet. She argues that we shouldn’t be posting videos like this out of respect to the family. What do you think, dearest reader?…

“I admit, when I read this, I thought the video was going to be fake.
Sadly, this does not look fake at all, and I really think you should
take this video down.

“Lets not give any ideas to others who are looking
for a way out, and a gruesome way to be remembered. Poor man obviously
needed some help, and it is sad that he thought this was the only way.
His family is prob beside themselves right now, and I doubt they would
want people to remember him this way, so really, You should have some
respect for him as well as his family.

“People think of the media as
something glamorous, suicide is NOT glamorous and should not be posted
on display for people to see. This is so sad, I feel horrable for even
watching it, but like I said, I thought it would be fake.

“Ive ween
videos claiming the same thing, and turns ut to be fake, and why on
earth someone would think it was funny to post a fake suicide video is
beyond me. Please take this down, have respect for him and his family.”