Top 5 Douchebags: Clarence Butterfield, Tortured & Killed Daughter, Then Put Her On Ice

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Clarence Butterfield had trouble saying goodbye, so he kept his daughter close — in the freezer of his RV, where her dead body was less likely to be found. He’d already been in jail for a month on an unrelated charge when her bullet-riddled corpse was discovered, anointing Butterfield the most heinous of our Douchebags of the Week

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5. Kevin Gienger

I think we can assume 55-year old Kensal, North Dakota resident Kevin Gienger isn’t a big adherent of “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” Last week, Gienger abducted the neighbor’s dog and turned it from baritone to contralto in one snip. He claimed the purebred poodle was running wild in the neighborhood and causing a nuisance. By those standards, Gienger should be looking at a free bikini wax and outpatient procedure resulting in new subscriptions to Cosmo and Better Homes & Garden.


4. Cortez Geiger

Gainesville, Florida man Cortez Geiger takes nailing his girlfriend to a new extreme by introducing a hammer. In the midst of laying pipe, Geiger transitioned from plumber to carpenter when he thwacked his girlfriend in the forehead with the metal end of a hammer last week. If this is what sex means to him, I don’t want to know what constitutes foreplay.

The 55-year old man has been dating the woman for 18 years, but they’ve only been living together for the past year. There are always a lot of adjustments that first year — in this case many occurring to her facial structure. According to police, Geiger held her down by the throat, and punched her while sexually assaulting her. Nor does this seem to be uncommon judging from the scars and bruises officers noticed on her face.

A good man is hard to find, but really girl, you can’t do any better than this?


3. Candice Miller

Candice Miller’s gift to her son is a future of Oedipal issues that go well beyond the term, Momma’s boy. Miller was arrested last week with over 1000 child pornography photos involving her 9-year old daughter and 14-year old son, including photos of her blowing her son. Miller told police, “It all started when she met a person on a dating website.” Let me guess,

The man asked her to send explicit pictures of the children. He told her he had a PhD in Psychology and that the experience would improve her relationship with the children. Did he also tell her his jizz could cure cancer? She said she stopped after a few weeks because she knew it was wrong. It might also have been how her son kept asking her, “Who’s your daddy?”


2. Charles Leaf

Once a sick fuck, always a sick fuck. That could be the epitaph for Charles Leaf, an Emmy Award-winning for the Fox affiliate in New York City. The 40-year old reporter is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year old in his Wyckoff, New Jersey.

The married former marine has two children of his own, a 7-year old son and a 4-year old daughter. The victim is described as an acquaintance, presumably through his daughter. The worst part of the story is that according to Leaf’s older sister, his history of perversion goes back to childhood.

She learned 25 years ago that Leaf had abused to young female relatives multiple times at their grandparents home in Trucksville, Pennsylvania. His first victim was 3 years old, and over the next six years Leaf abused the girl and her little sister, who was 2 years younger. When he finally confessed, it tore the family apart, and only recently did his sister begin talking to him again. Suffice to say, he was never charged.

Aside from the horrible pain he’s visited on the victims and their family is the horror for his own children who will grow up under the pall of their absent pervert douchebag dad.

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1. Clarence Butterfield

Love is blind, and sometimes there’s not a sadder thing in the world. It was ultimately Rebekah Butterfield’s undoing. According to a statement read by her mother, Catherine Butterfield, at the 57-year old Clarence Butterfield’s murder trial, Rebekah loved her dad more than anyone in the world. But his present for his 21-year old daughter was to kill her on either Christmas 2006, or the day after.

Butterfield claimed he found her dead on December 26th, and wrapped in the plastic and sealed her with duct tape in a freezer with the hopes that she would be resurrected. (Even if it were possible, she might’ve had a little trouble getting out of there, don’t you think?)

According to police, the real story is that he hog-tied her, and shot her seven times with a small caliber pistol in the leg, foot, knee, side of her head and elsewhere to torture her. He  then threw her in the freezer where she eventually suffocated.

But this wasn’t Butterfield’s first instance of violence. In court it was revealed that Butterfield had hog-tied his ex-wife Catherine and put her in a closet and a bathtub on different occasions in 2003. She would leave him a year later, but her daughter, who would’ve been around 19 at the time, apparently chose to stay.

Butterfield was finally caught when he was pulled over in the RV he lived in for a traffic violation in Orange County. He had warrants out for his arrest from Nevada for forgery, burglary and theft. He left the RV on a friend’s private property, but the person had it towed after a month, at which time the electricity was cut off. When workers went through the home sometime later, they noticed a horrible smell and discovered the body.

In August he was convicted of first degree murder and last week he was sentenced to life without parole. That he continues to draw breath seems far too good for him.

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