Weird Teacher Watch: Gary Taylor, Drama Teacher, Hides Camera In Dressing Room


All the world’s a stage, but Green River Community College drama instructor Gary Taylor was more interested in what was going on behind the curtains. The pervy creep tried to capture an actress changing clothes for a photo shoot but instead caught a voyeurism charge that’s made him this week’s Weird Teacher Watch star…

The 71-year old Taylor had been teaching at Green River since 1967, making him around 28 when he began, giving him a poignant understanding of “I keep getting older and they stay the same age.” As drama department head at the Auburn, Washington community college, Taylor probably felt his youth slipping away, and held on the only way he knew how — by becoming an autocratic dirty old man.

There were complaints among the students about auditions for female roles that involved private performances in a bikini. Other complained about how he berated young actresses, made them feel uncomfortable, while catering to his favorites. Some students went so far as to start their own drama club.

Then again it may just have been Taylor’s way of preparing them for the signature sleaze of Tinseltown. He had his own modest movie and television career including several appearances on the TV shows Northern Exposure and The Fugitive, as well as such memorable movies as Chips, The War Dog, The Beans of Egypt, Maine, and Farewell to Harry.

While there are obviously countless salacious videos on the ‘net, Taylor was apparently looking for something specific, and personal. Rather than rely on his imagination, he stuck a camera between two pillows on a shelf in the dressing room, and even managed to catch video of him hiding it there.

Then he brought one of his actresses to the theatre, under the pretext that she was to do an interview for the school paper, and they would want photos too. He offered her four dresses to try on (plying a well-known female weakness) and waited outside, offering her advice on how they looked, while secretly cackling that he’d caught her changing in and out of them. Only the pillows did shitty job of hiding the camera — after all, he’s a director not a set designer — and the 20-year old spotted the camera and watched the secret footage, reporting it to school officials.

Taylor is currently suspended, and the community college is trying to find ways to cover his three campus and two online classes. Given the prevalence of casting couch tales in Hollywood, there are probably plenty of male artistes who could pick up the slack without any of Green River’s actresses noticing the difference.

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