Weird Teacher Watch: Vice Principal Charles Hurst Encourages Boy To Masturbate For Allowance

charles Hurst_opt.jpg

It’s difficult to say which is more disturbing — that Pennbrook Middle School VP Charles Hurst increased the allowance he gave an unrelated 13-year old boy by $1 every time he reported masturbating, or Hurst’s modified Moe haircut and creepy pedophile smile. Together they’re enough to make Hurst poster boy for this week’s Weird Teacher Watch

Shortly after being appointed to his new position in January 2009, the 37-year old Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania resident approached the boy in the nurse’s office while the child was getting treatment for a chronic health problem, lying that the principal had specifically assigned him to mentor the youth.
He developed a friendship that went beyond the school grounds and was embraced by the boy’s mother, who saw Hurst as a role model and father figure for the boy.

They would talk at school, work out together, go on long distance runs and do his homework together. Hurst bought the boy gifts, took him skiing, to 76ers games, and gave him an allowance. (Why does this behavior by single men toward little boys never raise red flags?)

Several months into their friendship, Hurst broached the subject of masturbation. He told the boy it was “good and healthy and that it would help him grow and make him smarter and happier.” (And I thought it made you blind; though it does explain why Gene Simmons is always smiling.)

Not only did Hurst offer to give the boy $1 every time he said he’d masturbated, but at one point suggested that he and Hurst could teach the boy’s little brother to do likewise. (Creeped out yet?) Hurst frequently sent the boy text messages like “OK now I feel like ur life coach again + remember ur week is run, jack-off, and read in that order.” (Who needs ‘riting and ‘rithmetic when you’re making yourself smarter and happier?)

Hurst behaved like a jealous lover, trying to control the boy and getting angry when he didn’t text back quickly. Though there was no sexual contact, Hurst asked on two occasions for the boy to expose himself, allegedly to see how far along he was into puberty. The first time boy briefly obliged, but he refused the second time.

Hurst, who was being paid $67,366, told police that it was a computer virus that caused his cell phone to send inappropriate messages to the boy. (Yeah, the Trojan Pedophile virus, which jumped from the phone to infect his brain.) He gave the police consent to search his car, where they also found three small baggies of cocaine. (Another explanation for his big goofy smile…)

Hurst had been teaching in the area since 1997, and at one point was named “Nutrition Educator of the Year” by the Pennsylvania School Food Service Association. Too bad he wasn’t satisfied with carrots and bananas, and went crazy for sausage. We can’t wait until he’s ground up and fed to the prison population.
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