Woman Meets Man on Chat Line, Ends Up With the Word ‘Hoe’ Carved on Her Chest


Ladies, consider this a cautionary tale from the Don’t Bone Strange Men You Met Through a Chat Line at a Shitty Hotel file. Our saga begins in Kansas City, where an unnamed woman met herself a gentlemanly lover through a phone chat line…

Photo top: Picture of skank purely for demonstration purposes, and not mean to be skank referred to in story. Photo above: Merely included because we thought it was funny, despite adding no news value to the story whatsoever.

Being a guy with a ton of class, he took his sweetheart to the Crown Lodge motel, which specializes in the “transient lodging business,” according to the manager. Rooms cost less than $30 a night. We hope he at least paid the extra two bucks for the Honeymoon Suite, which features complementary hand sanitizer and 35 percent fewer blood stains on the carpet.

Since only the best people can be found on those chat lines for “hot, local singles,” our 22-year-old belle consented to giving her new boyfriend a blow job. But when he insisted on all-out boning, she refused. While she might be a skank, she wasn’t that kind of skank.

The two argued and the man left the room about 7 p.m. So the woman decided to luxuriate in the resort-like accommodations, pounding Long Islands until she passed out around 3 a.m.

But sometime between 4 and 6 a.m., she awoke to find another man pacing the room, calling her a “ho.” She decided that rather than deal with him, it would be much better to pass out again. So she did.

She woke up at about 9 the next morning feeling pain on her head and face. He clothes were torn and she thought she might have been raped. Someone had also carved the word “hoe” on her chest.

She was taken to a hospital for a sexual assault exam, and police are awaiting the reports. There hasn’t been any arrests in the case.

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