A Pervert Grandpa Takes a Beating & Learns That He’s Not Supposed to Molest Women



​Reader Anonymous responds to Will Lynch Beats Father Jerold Lindner 35 Years After Priest Raped Him. She says her own grandpa was a serial molester, and he only learned to stop after her father kicked the living shit out of him…

“OK, this one is kinda tricky.
Old man or not, the guy is still a sick f***. Sad as it may be, a sick
f*** is never anything but that. It’s not something you can be
rehabilitated from, or a “phase” that just magically goes away.

“I grew
up with a grandfather that I knew was a pervert. I learned at a pretty
young age that my aunt had to grow up being molested and raped by him
nearly every day while my grandmother had the audacity to pretend like
she had no idea what was going on.

“When my aunt moved out at 16, I’m
sure it didn’t stop him from finding someone else to harass. Who knows
what he did during the years leading up to it, but he eventually turned
perv on my cousin’s fiancee. When she came forward and threatened to
press charges it literally tore our family apart. My grandmother
disowned her own son because he and his wife supported their son’s
girlfriend while my cowardly grandad & grandmother denied he could
ever do such a thing. My aunt quietly offered support for the girl, but
refused to make an official statement for legal purposes or confront
her own parents.

“Eventually after that passed over, grandad tried to
rub up on my aunt’s son’s girlfriend. Her son had never really had a
serious girlfriend and was in his late 20’s, so when my dad found out
about it he was pissed for my aunt, for my cousin, and for his
girlfriend. He did exactly what should have been done a long time ago-
went over to his dad’s house and beat the living dog sh** out of him.
The whole time my grandad was apparently saying things like, “How can
you beat an old man?” and other woe-is-me bullsh**.

“I know my dad felt
bad about it afterwards, but I’m sure another side felt better that he
had delivered what had ultimately been coming to him for such a long and
painful time.

“My take on it- if you’re degenerate enough to fu** with someone
sexually, physically, or emotionally just because you think you can get
away with it while getting your scummy rocks off, you deserve to get
your ass beat no matter how old you are or how long ago it happened.
I’ll say this much, my grandad lived for another 10 years after his
come-to-Jesus with my dad and never touched another soul. God rest his.”