Clarissa Sanchez, 16, Charged With Killing Her Father; Police Say Her Boyfriend Helped



​38-year-old Andres Sanchez had been missing since Oct. 20. But his family received messages that they thought were from him, indicated he’d bolted on his own for reasons unknown. That changed on Sunday, when they called police with their suspicions…

Clarissa’s boyfriend, 19-year-old Larry Coronado, has also been charged in the murder

​Though details remains sparse, detectives interviewed Andres’ relatives at their Tucson home. But the story of 16-year-old Clarissa Sanchez, his daughter, didn’t seem to add up. She and her 19-year-old boyfriend, Larry Coronado, were taken to the police station.

We’re only guessing at this point, but it appears at least one of them confessed. Police soon discovered a decomposed body in the desert outside of Tucson. It appeared that a man had been beaten to death. 

Yesterday, the body was positively identified as Andres’. Detectives have mentioned no motive in the case, nor are they saying how he was killed. But daughter Clarissa and Coronado have both been charged with murder. Clarissa will be tried as an adult.

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