Jennifer Riojas, Texas Science Teacher, May Have Gotten Pregnant by 16-Year-Old Student



​It seemed to be common knowledge around Carter-Riverside High School in Fort Worth. Jennifer Riojas, a 25-year-old teacher who taught freshman science, was spending a lot of time with a 16-year-old student. Friends even asked the boy if he was intimate with Riojas…

He just laughed it off without answering, giving the distinct impression that he and his teacher were having an affair. They would spend their lunch times together, and she would also attend his sporting events.

But at least for the kid, the fun and games turned into something a little less exciting when Riojas ended up pregnant. The kid worried that he was the father. So he went to authorities with tales of their trysts.

It seems that Riojas had been taking the kid to motels around Fort Worth. She even did the bone dance with him in his hospital bed while he was recovering from a football injury. Lady Riojas’ libido was apparently a beast that could not be tamed by circumstance or fear of getting caught.

Paternity still hasn’t been determined for the baby, but mom is now unemployed. Riojas resigned from her teaching job last month. And she’ll surely be looking at bigger problems when police finish their investigation.

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