Phillip Duggan, Occupation: Man; Marine Corporal Stabbed While Tackling Shoplifter



​WARNING: The following story contains so much manliness it might cause your rent to be raised. 24-year-old Marine Corporal Phillip Duggan was doing what manly men do on the day after Thanksgiving, working a Toys for Tots drive outside a Best Buy store in Augusta, Georgia…

Tracey Attaway held the silly notion that he could stab a guy made of steel

​What he didn’t know was that inside, Tracey Attaway, 39, was on a shoplifting spree. He’d been caught by security cameras trying to stuff a laptop underneath his jacket. So employees confronted him, asking him to return the computer.

But instead of just taking a minor pinch, Attaway decided to pull a knife, knocking over a worker as he fled the store. That’s when Duggan and his fellow Marines working the toy drive noticed employees chasing our dimestore bad guy. Duggan jumped into action, delivering a wicked clothesline tackle on Attaway.

Attaway managed to get to his feet. In the ensuing struggle, he stabbed Duggan in the back.

Attaway took off again but was tackled once more by fellow Marines and store employees. He was charged armed robbery and assault for trying to steal two digital cameras, an Xbox game, a PS3 game and a PS3 game

Duggan, meanwhile, was taken to Eisenhower Army Medical
Center. But you didn’t really think a single stab wound could keep a guy this manly down, did you? He’s already been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, because you can’t really hurt a guy who’s made of tempered steel.

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