Shelby Ellis, Believed to Be Abducted By ‘Vampire Cult,’ Found Safe in Washington



​On October 11, 16-year-old Shelby Ellis disappeared in Cobb County, Georgia. She took the bus to McEachern High School, then promptly went missing. Her parents logged onto her computer and found that the last site she’d visited was Vampire Freaks

Shelby’s parents worried that her fascination with meant that she may have been abducted by an underground vampire cult

​It’s a site for teens into the whole goth and industrial music thing, which wouldn’t be particularly alarming. But at least in her parents’ eyes, it was a sign their little girl was leading a double life.

“You have the obvious thoughts of pentagrams
and candles and the crazy things that you see on TV that are associated
with the darker cult lifestyle,” father Rich Ellis told CBS Atlanta

More confounding was that a week after Shelby went missing, a 15-year-old friend disappeared. That was followed by a third girl who went missing a week after that.

Shelby’s parents hired a private investigator, who also shared the notion that Shelby may have been abducted by a cult. We’re not sure if they have any evidence of this, or if they’re simply conservative religious people freaked out by the whole goth thing. But if they were looking for answers, they wouldn’t find them at the girls’ school. When a CBS reporter went to talk to McEachern Principal Regina Montgomery, she promptly had the reporter booted off the property.

The other two girls would eventually turn up, but police aren’t saying what happened to them. All we know is that the cops had to retrieve them and they didn’t willingly return home. But both refused to say where Shelby was.

The good news is that police have found her alive and safe in Lakewood, Washington today. She’d apparently taken a bus to Washington, where she was voluntarily staying with someone who we’re guessing she met online. There’s no word on why she left or what she was doing out west, but we’ll keep you posted.

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