Vikki Myers, Mother of 3, Caught Naked & Pleasuring Herself Outside Red Roof Inn



​When you’re 44-years-old and the mother of three, you’ve hopefully reached that stage in life where you try not to embarrass yourself — or have your mind overpowered by the yearnings of your loins. Alas, Vikki Myers has yet to reach this mesa of serenity yet…

She was staying with her three kids at a Red Roof Inn in Naperville, Illinois. That’s when a cop arrived at the motel’s parking lot on another call. But when he saw a naked woman in a 2002 minivan, needless to say, he thought it was rather suspicious.

He went up to the door and found Vikki nude. She at first claimed that she was merely changing her clothes in the car when she was sighted. But after the officer spotted a loaded handgun, she confessed to retreating to her minivan to masturbate while her kids remained in the room. The cop also found female self-pleasuring devices.

She said she’d just moved to Illinois from Texas, so she was unaware that northern cops usually aren’t hip to people driving around with loaded guns. 

But here’s the difference between northern and southern values. Vikki wasn’t charged with public lewdness for her bare-naked activities. She was hit with unlawful use of a weapon.

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