Andrew Wirth Gets 10 Years For Butt-Pinching Murder of Cop Jennifer Luick & Her Boyfriend



​Andrew Wirth will do just 10 years in jail for killing cop Jennifer Luick and her boyfriend, Gregg Peters, outside a bar in Jefferson, Wisconsin a year ago. The incident began when Jennifer and her friend were playfully pinching men’s butts at the bar that night…

Wirth took exception. Before the night was over, he and Peters had words and they eventually stepped outside. When it was all over, Wirth had shot both Peters and Jennifer in the parking lot. (See our archive of stories here.)

Prosecutors pressed for first-degree murder when they went to trial in October. But a jury only found him guilty of two counts of homicide by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon. The conviction effectively reduced the possibility of dueling life sentences down to less than 10 years.

During sentencing yesterday, Jennifer’s mother Karen Luick pleaded for the max. “I beg you judge,
as a mother, please do the right thing. One day, Andrew Wirth you will
stand before a much higher court, and you will have to answer for the
sins you have committed,” she said, according to WISN-TV.

Wirth also offered what might pass as a limited apology. “While
I didn’t start the fight or approach Jennifer or Gregg, I know that I
have to take responsibility for my role in what happened that night. I
had done so and continue to do so every day.”

Still, a judge rightly saw Wirth as a wannabe badass who likes to sport his little biker colors and carry guns to bars, calling him a ticking time bomb. He was sentenced to a maximum five years for each count, and the sentences will run consecutively. Wirth will also get 10 years of probation upon his release.

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