John Bullock & Damonta Jones Charged With Raping Woman With a Live Snake



​It looks like John
D. Bullock and Damonta D. Jones have managed to break our Degeneracy Meter. An unnamed woman says she was partying at Jones’ house with the two men and two other women. They were drinking and dancing that night until one woman decided to leave…

The other woman went to take a shower, leaving the 32-year-old victim alone with our doucherific villains at the home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. That’s when Jones invited the woman into a bedroom to see photos of his children.

As she walked into the room, she was hit from behind in the head, then shoved to the floor, where she blacked out. She awoke to find Jones holding her down while Bullock raped her.

It seems the woman was floating in and out of consciousness. Then next thing she heard was Jones telling Bullock, “I’m going to get the snake.”

Moments later she felt something inside her. She believes that while the snake was being pushed into her vagina, it may have bitten her. She felt a sharp pain before hearing one of the men say “pull it out.”

Bullock would later admit to police that he had sex with the woman, but claimed it was consensual. We’re guessing neither the woman or the snake felt the same way. Our two douches are charged with first-degree sexual assault.

A judge threw them in jail on $30,000 cash bond each, since the two shitbags are no strangers to the law. Bullock, it seems, has a history of not showing up for his court cases, though were not sure what his previous pinches concern.

Not surprisingly, Jones was already wanted for violation probation on two previous sexual assault convictions. (Special thanks to Texas Bureau Chief Leah for the tip.)

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