Kara Kopetsky, 17, Disappears Following Choking, Restraining Order Against Boyfriend



​Kara Kopetsky and Kylr Yust’s teenage romance flamed for the better part of a year. But as evidenced by a posting on her MySpace page, all was not kosher between the 17-year-old and her beau. “…Life hasn’t been the greatest for me lately,” she wrote in 2007…

Kara accused her boyfriend Kylr Yust of choking her just days before she disappeared

​“Over the last 9 months of my life iv dedicated my life to kylr … I made no other time for any of my friends nor my family…. i forgot the person that i was. im trying to find that person again.”    

Kopetsky, a high school junior from Belton, Missouri, would never get the chance. It was the late spring of 2007 when the teen’s life went from confused to dangerous. 
That’s when Belton police arrested her boyfriend, Kylr Yust, for assaulting Kopetsky just six days prior to her disappearance. Yust reportedly choked Kopsetsky and threatened to slit her throat. (You can see his Facebook page here.)
Yust was also slapped with a restraining order for a separate incident in which he allegedly held Kopetsky against her will.   
Kopetsky justified the need to authorities for a restraining order “because I am unsure of what he will do next, because the abuse has gotten worse over time.”
Yust has always downplayed the kidnapping allegation, saying it resulted from a minor argument one evening when he wouldn’t allow Kopetsky to get out of his pickup truck. He also dismisses any accusations that he ever intended to physically harm her.
Despite the retraining order in place against him, authorities have said that Kopetsky continued to communicate with Yust and even spend time with him. But Kopetsky’s life would soon turn from bad to shit. 
On May 4, 2007 Kopetsky called her mom from school asking her to drop off a textbook she needed for one of her classes. She also asked her mother if she could wash and deliver to school her work uniform for her afternoon shift at Popeye’s Chicken, which started at four o’clock.

Kara was last seen on video cameras leaving her school before she disappeared

​Her day would get worse when Kopetsky got into an argument with one of her teachers. A video surveillance camera shows the 17-year-old ditching the school day early at around 10:30 a.m. 

She hasn’t been seen since.
Kopetsky’s worried parents filed a missing persons report when their daughter never came home from school. 
A false hope for Kopetsky’s swift return would surface mere weeks after her disappearance, however. Thirteen days after she was reported missing, three people reported to authorities that had seen the missing teen along with a young male companion at a gas station/fast food restaurant outpost in Louisburg, Kansas. 
Authorities investigated the leads but nothing ever materialized.
In more recent times as their daughter’s disappearance remains entrenched as a mystery, Kopetsky family members have gone public with some of the eery details surrounding their daughter’s life just prior to her AWOL status. 
Besides confirming that there was a pending domestic violence case and protective order against Yust, family members have gone on to say that police initially instructed them to remain hushed about the alleged stalking case. 
In published reports Kopetsky’s mother has confimed: “We were also asked by the Belton police to drop the abduction charges against Kara’s boyfriend, just a few weeks after she vanished, as a strategy. In case her boyfriend did know where Kara was, he might be more willing to cooperate and help in the investigation if he weren’t facing criminal charges.”
Yust was named as a person of interest in the Belton police investigation, which remains classified as a missing persons case. However, the 18-year-old has always denied any wrongdoing, going so far as to reportedly take and pass a polygraph test.
Yust’s adamancy has provided little in terms of solace to the missing girl’s family.
“She is a very beautiful girl,” her stepfather has said, “and so we often warned her to be careful, but like any teen, she had an attitude that she was invincible.”