Leonard Spagnolo, Stupid Boyfriend, Nearly Burns Down House While Burning Photos of His Ex



​Leonard Spagnolo could use a refresher course on the art of being a respectable boyfriend. The 33-year-old Pittsburgh man got into an argument with his girlfriend and shoved her against the wall. He apparently regretted this, so he searched his rather thick skull for a remedy…

First Rule of Inept Boyfriending: Whenever you piss off your sweetheart, frantically grab for an even dumber way to win back her heart, thus making her want to bite off your face at the very sight of your worthless ass.

So Spagnolo thought it would be a good idea to gather all the photos and mementos he had from a previously relationship and burn them, illustrating that this heart was true for his current sweetie. The problem was that he decided to burn them on the carpeted floor of his bedroom while his girlfriend was sleeping. This kept her from noting that his attempt to win her back was more likely to burn down the house.

Alas, carpet is apparently flammable, as are bedrooms. Firefighters arrived to find the room aflame. The girlfriend managed to escape, no doubt re-examining her selection process in finding mates as she watched them douse the flames.

Instead of winning her back, Spagnolo won a sweet round of charges befitting the dumb ass that he is, including arson,
simple assault, reckless endangerment and causing or risking

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