Mark Richardson Fakes Autism, Gets Erection When Babysitter Changes His Soiled Diaper



​Pity the fecal-dropping, diaper-wearing sexual deviant. The hardship endured inveigling unsuspecting caregivers into changing your stinky, urine-soaked nappy so you can get your rocks off has to be imaginable. Thank God for Craigslist…. 

Meet 21-year-old Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. of Oklahoma City. He’s a four-foot-nine-inch mullet-sporting, severely limited man who requires tender, unique special needs services from total strangers — i.e., being fed via baby bottle and having his dirty diapers changed — just to name a few.   
Earlier this year, Richardson sought the aid of the online classifieds behemoth Craigslist to find persons who might agree to be compensated to take care of some of his needs. He posted an ad in the babysitting section of the site. 
According to Richardson’s posting, he claimed to be an autistic young man with no control of his bodily functions. Thus, he wore a diaper and needed someone to help clean and change him. But there was more involved for the $40-a-night Richardson was willing to pay. Because of his severe autism, prospective caregivers also had to feed him with a bottle and possibly read him bedtimes stories.
Two women responded to the craigslist ad. 
According to one of the women, Richardson would achieve an erection when she cleaned him and changed his diaper. The babysitter also said Richardson allowed himself to be fed with a bottle and wouldn’t fall asleep unless he had a pacifier.
According to the other women who responded to his posting, during one episode when she tried to put him to bed, Richardson kicked and screamed until she read him a bedtime story. The women added that on another occasion when she tried to change his diaper, Richardson ran crazy through the house until she caught up with him.    
Unfortunately for Richardson, going faux autistic to get people to change your dirty loincloths so you can get chub rock doesn’t just make you a perv, it makes you criminal.
According to police reports, one of Richardson’s babysitters phoned police in September after becoming suspicious to his act. 
Upon his arrest Richardson told authorities he acted severely autistic and wore diapers to dupe babysitters into caring for him “for sexual purpose…. [and also]did it for attention.”
After learning of Richardson’s twisted farce through his arrest, his other babysitter, according to police, was not too fired up: “Looking back on everything now, knowing he was not autistic while she was wiping him and cleaning him up completely disgusts her. She believed initially she was caring for an autistic person, but he was actually someone using her to get stimulated.”   
Richardson has been slapped with one felony count and seven misdemeanors. 
His prelim hearing is slated for January 5.

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