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​When it comes to money, banks prefer quantity to quality. It made George Theodule’s $63 million scam appealing to Wachovia, who were “business-friendly” as an airport hotel hooker. Wachovia’s being sued for enabling Theodule’s scheme and failing to see what was clear to another bank, making them White Collar Villains‘ preferred partner…

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​Given the type of people in the world, sometimes the best thing is to go unnoticed. Case in point, former Fox Lake, Wisconsin Police Chief Patrick Lynch, who allegedly raped his friend’s 7-year old daughter in their bathroom in ’89, then stalked her at her grocery and bank teller jobs in her twenties. Lynch’s creepiness tops Police Blunders of the Week

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​We all crave the human touch at times — hopefully it never impels us to make four year-olds honk the hooters.  That’s what Kids R’ Kids (“..and now they’re men!”) daycare teacher Ronasha Taylor did, sneaking into the camera-free restrooms to play “Seven Minutes in Heaven” (b/w “Lifetime of Hell”) on this week’s Weird Teacher Watch

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​When preacher Larry McGriff died, it sent Dallas’ Church of the Living Word into tumult. His brothers Charles and Weldon each started their own church. Weldon and Sandra McGriff’s church is known for its particularly forgiving view of the 8th Commandment, after Sandra was arrested for burglary in this week’s What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?


​We’re taking the week off to recharge, hang out with the kids, and watch way too much football. The ever-hearty Chris Parker will provide light posting, but if you really need your crime fix, feel free to post your own stories on this thread and have a merry old time.


​For our Christmas Eve White Collar Villains, we tried to capture a vivid portrait of our predicament — people eating glass for a quick buck, a Justice Department that’s given it up as a lost cause, and the guy who steals from the poor to make himself fat. They say comedy is only sadness times distance, so let’s laugh like it’s 2112…

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