Christopher Licon Murders Brother, Then Executes His 6-Year-Old Nephew Who Witnessed It



​On today’s episode of This Guy’s Gotta Die, we bring you the tale of 19-year-old Christopher Licon, a student in construction management at Arizona State University. When he’s not busy studying the building trade, according to Phoenix police, he’s murdering his relatives…

Subject: Christopher Licon of Phoenix, Arizona

Occupation: College student, child executioner & not his brother’s keeper.

Evidence: Though they apparently didn’t get along, Licon moved into his brother Angel Jaquez’s apartment in December. Three days later, Angel was found shot to death in the back of the head while he was watching TV. A day later, his 6-year-old son, Xavier Jaquez, was found executed in a Phoenix alley.

Licon initially told police that he was studying at Arizona State at the time of the murders. But the evidence said otherwise.

A neighbor saw him forcefully taking Xavier from the apartment the day Angel was found dead. The boy was crying that he wanted to stay with his dad. And when police found Xavier shot in the head in an alley, a half-eaten Burger King children’s meal was found nearby. Police just happened to find the toy from the meal in Licon’s car.

After the killings, Licon gave a gun to a friend to hide. That friend later said Licon broke into his house to retrieve the weapon from a closet.

Licon was subsequently arrested on drug charges, since a substantial amount of dope was found in the apartment. Police believe Xavier was was present when Licon shot his father. They further believe Licon executed his nephew to get rid of any witnesses. He’s now being held without bond because he’s thought to be a threat to other potential witnesses.

Verdict: Licon is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. But when you kill your own brother, then execute a 6-year-old boy — who happens to be your own nephew, for chrissakes — you’ve proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re a huge bag of shit, unworthy of being near other humans.

Surely, dear reader, you must agree that this prick’s gotta die, don’t you?

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