Delvonte Tisdale’s Family Plans to Sue Airport Over Teen’s Plunge From Plane



​On today’s episode of Great Moral Dilemmas of the Day, we present to you the case of Delvonte Tisdale, the 16-year-old North Carolina boy who plunged to his death after apparently stowing away on a plane. Police believe Delvonte snuck through security at the Charlotte airport…

He then climbed into the wheel well of a USAirways plane that was departing to Boston. It’s doubtful that he survived the flight, since temperatures would have been well below freezing, and Delvonte wasn’t dressed to withstand that kind of cold.

Detectives believe he was dumped into a Milton, Massachusetts neighborhood as the plane let down its landing gear on its approach to Boston.

It was obviously a stupid thing for the young man to do. But now his family wants someone to pay — and that someone will likely be the airport and USAirways.

The Tisdales have hired Florida lawyer Christopher Chestnut with the intent of suing the shit out of everyone in his path. “The
evidence in this case makes it quite clear which party is at fault, and
the family has every intention of pursuing legal action of the highest
order,” he said in a statement yesterday, presumably filled with that brand of manufactured outrage only lawyers can muster.

intend to seek justice for a child who, although culpable for making
irresponsible and immature decisions representative of his age, should
never have successfully gained access to that airplane. Had airport
security been up to par, he would be alive and well with his family

It’s true that the airport — and the airline, to a certain degree — are at fault here, but for a different reason. If a 16-year-old can easily breach airport security, imagine how easy it would be for adult terrorists with an actual plan and bad intentions.

Charlotte airport security motto: “Safety is Mission 1! Or at least when we’re not hitting on that cute girl at the Cinnabon!”

But to somehow hold the airport responsible for the willful acts of a kid seems a little out of line. Delvonte was the one who climbed into the plane. Delvonte was the one who got himself killed. And if it’s time to place blame, it would seem to require some self-reflection on the part of his dad, who seems to be the person Delvonte was escaping.

In the end, however, it was a simple tragedy. A 16-year-old died from his own purposeful stupidity. And the world simply can’t be held responsible for every act of stupidity committed. Or at least that how we see it.

But more importantly, what do you think, dear reader?

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