Jef Whitehead, Leviathan Frontman, Charged With Raping Girlfriend With Tattoo Instruments



​42-year-old Jef
Whitehead is a bigshot in tattoo circles, having spent the last few months traveling the U.S. and Europe on a tattooing tour, whatever the hell that is. He also has his own one-man black metal band called Leviathan. But his girlfriend probably isn’t impressed…

When he’s not busy beating and raping his girlfriend, Jef Whitehead is the star of the one-man black metal band called Leviathan

​Whitehead was recently working as a guest artist at Taylor Street Tattoo in Chicago. He specializes in the whole Grim Reaper genre of the alleged art form, which is favored by 15-year-old boys who wear trench coats and mullets — and apparently 42-year-old guys who are still into devils wearing capes. (See his tattoos here.)

Geepers, Jef, you’re like totally goth. Wanna hang out by the Dairy Queen after school? My friend Chad totally stole some Parliament Lights from his mom that we could smoke!

In the early hours of Saturday morning, he got into a fight with his girlfriend. So according to police, he chose to heighten the stakes by slamming her head against the floor, choking her, then raping her with his tattoo tools.

The woman is now in serious condition at a Chicago Hospital. Little Jeffey, meanwhile, has been charged with sexual assault and domestic battery. He’s in the slam on a $350,000, where he’s assuredly frightening his Latin King cellmates with dark tales of mayhem, blood, and skeleton men who walk around with sickles.

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