Jerome Nubin Rapes Girlfriend’s 12-Year-Daughter in Front Of Her Mother



​We’re not sure what set him off, but when 32-year-old Jerome Nubin was done, he’d delivered what could be the most horrific thing a mother can witness outside murder. Police say Nubin was at his girlfriend’s home in Punta Gorda, Florida. That’s when he grabbed a baseball bat…

He held the woman and her 12-year-old daughter up against the wall in the mother’s bedroom, threatening to beat them. Then he slapped and punched the girl, saying he would slit her throat if she didn’t take off her clothes. Police say he subsequently raped the girl three times while mom was forced to watch.

Deputies arrived the next morning after the girl’s grandfather went to Nubin’s home. He says the dickhead came at him with a baseball bat, threatening him and throwing bricks at both grandpa and his car.

Police later arrested Nubin for assault,
kidnapping a child and domestic battery. (Special thanks to reader Melanie for the tip.)

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