Joseph McVay, 10, Confesses to Murdering Mom Deborah McVay in Dispute Over Chores



​10-year-old Joseph McVay had been in trouble before. At age 6, a driver was forced to manhandle him when he became unruly on his school bus. A year later, he used a dustpan to smack an administrator after he was yanked from class at Killbuck Elementary School…

But none of this would lead anyone to suspect he was capable of murder. On Sunday night, his 15-year-old sister says he was arguing with his mom, Deborah McVay, at their trailer home in Big Prairie, Ohio. Mom wanted Joseph to bring in some firewood. Joseph wasn’t hip to that small task.

But unlike most kids, he decided to take care of his beef by grabbing a gun that his grandfather had given him. He took a .22 rifle and shot his mother in the back of the head in the living room.

Joseph then ran to a neighbor’s house to tell them to call 911, saying he’d just shot his mom. Police arrived to find her face down and dead in the living room. They found another gun and the murder weapon on the boy’s bed.

Deborah, 46, ran a home health care company specializing in assisting mentally disabled people. Joseph is now charged in juvenile court with murder.

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