Lisa Hench: Serial Abuser of Affluent Neighborhood Babies Gets Just 2 Years



​Lisa Hench had everything going for her — at least in that quintessential California way. Her website boasted that she had “the distinguished honor of ranking within the Top
50 realtors in the entire nation.” The mother of three lived in tony Lo Jolla, just outside of San Diego…

Lisa Hench would befriend other moms, then secretly scratch and claw their babies.

​So when she began befriending the other mothers at her kids’ school, they likely thought she was just a successful woman with the kind of realtor’s charm to put you at ease.

The problem was that she’s a weirdo. She would ask to hold the other moms’ babies. Then, when she was out of eyesight, she would scratch the children from head head to toe, leaving marks and clawing them enough to make them cry.

The babies, of course, were unable to say anything about her weirdness. Which allowed the 45-year-old Hench to abuse 8 kids — ages 3 to 19 months — before she was caught.

She never explained why she did it. There’s likely no explanation for her behavior anyway. She pleaded guilty in December to eight misdemeanor counts of corporal injury on a child, which allowed her to avoid four felonies.

And because they were only misdemeanors, she was sentenced to just two years, where she’ll be allowed to leave jail during the day and return at night. She’ll also have to continue getting mental health treatment, and she’ll face two years of probation once she’s released.

Perhaps her affluence allowed her to skate. Perhaps she’s just too loony for prison. But for a serial baby predator, that’s an awfully light sentence.

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