Pamela Rozzelle Sets Boyfriend on Fire Because She Can’t Find Her Car Keys



​Pamela Rozzelle and Richard King Jr. make a delightful couple. It seems they both like to get very hammered and argue. But while Richard eventually passes out, Pamela has much greater staying power. And that’s where their romantic problems begin…

They were both getting hammered Thursday night at Richard’s home in Audubon, New Jersey. At suppertime Pamela called police to say they’d been arguing. But while she’d been living at Richard’s house for the past few months, she was too drunk to remember exactly his house was. And because she was calling from a cell phone, police had no idea where to go.

Two hours later, Pamela called again, this time to say Richard was on fire. She says she couldn’t find her car keys, and she couldn’t wake Richard to help her find them. So she lit a cigarette, then claims she accidentally dropped the match on the blanket Richard was sleeping under. 

This, quite naturally, got Richard’s attention, seeing as how he was on fire and all. He ran outside and rolled in the snow to put the flames out.

When police arrived, Pamela couldn’t remember calling them the first time. Nor were the cops buying her Accidentally Setting Her Boyfriend Aflame Defense. Richard suffered burns to his face, torso, arm and shoulder, and is hopefully now looking for a sweetheart less adept at the inflammatory arts.

Pamela has been charged with arson and assault. (Special thanks to reader Leah for the tip.)

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