Updates: Justine Winter Trial Begins For Girl Who Attempted Suicide With Head-On Collision



​A 16-year-old girl texted her intention to commit suicide moments before ramming her car into another in Montana, killing a mother and son in the head-on collision. Plus, a girl savagely beaten outside her Florida middle school sues the board of education…

Justine Winter and her boyfriend frequently threatened suicide
You may recall the story of Justine Winter, the 16-year-old Montana girl who’s accused of trying to commit suicide by driving head on into a mother and her son. She managed to kill Erin Julie Thompson, who was four months pregnant, and her son
Caden Odell. But Justine would survive — and even try to sue Thompson for negligence.

Yesterday, her boyfriend Ryan Langford testified that the couple often
threatened suicide as a juvenile control technique in their
relationship. The night of the crash, Langford said he became jealous of
another kid Justine used to date and broke up with her. Though she
texted him that night to say she would commit suicide, he only half
believed her, since they both made frequent suicide threats. The Daily Inter Lake has the story.


Josie Lou Ratley sues school district over savage beating
Last March, she was nearly stomped to death
outside her Deerfield Beach, Florida middle school by 15-year-old Wayne
Treacy. The surprise attack came after the two traded insults and
threats via text over Treacy’s girlfriend and his brother’s suicide.

Josie is now suing the school district, claiming negligence and saying
she suffered permanent injuries and is completely disabled. She’s spent
months in hospitals and therapy trying to recover from severe brain

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